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Company profile


Company name
Aichi store.
The location
〒464-0848 1-9-22, Haruoka, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Phone number
FAX number
Representative director Masahiko Takebayashi
The founding date
December 20, 1945
The establishment date
July 15, 1947
10,000,000 yen
The number of employees
Ten people
The construction results
Construction example

Business outline

Construction contents
New interior construction, repair interior construction, current situation recovery construction, reform construction
Layout change construction, skeleton construction, the dismantling construction, restoration construction

Floor finish construction (tile carpet, polyvinyl chloride tile, long shaku sheet cushion floor)
toshokoji, the painting construction, tatami mat construction, flooring construction, artificial turf
OA floor construction, rubber-ball double floor construction, steel floor construction, free access floor construction

Cross construction, design cross, polyvinyl chloride smoothly planed board sheet construction, glass film construction
Graphic sheet construction, tree sheet construction

Curtain rail construction, race setting construction, curtain setting construction, plastic curtain construction
Net curtain construction, stage curtain construction, window shade construction, train movement window shade construction
Roll screen construction, flying equipment device construction, tent construction 

Partitioning construction, low partition construction, high partition construction
Restroom booth construction, server booth construction, accordion door construction
Aluminum partition construction, steel partition construction
Sliding wall construction

Lightweight steel frame wall, ceiling groundwork construction, iwamen*koji, board *koji, system ceiling construction
Inspection door setting construction, soundproofing construction, fireproof coating construction, urethane air blast construction 

Smoothly planed board construction, who masonry, post-form construction, lining counter
Signature, bulletin board, projection screen construction, glass construction, handrail construction, hardware construction
​Non-slip construction, door closer exchange construction 

Blackboard, whiteboard construction
Office furniture household articles sale and setting construction (office desk office chair lockers)
Office office supplies sale, storage wall construction, library setting construction, rack setting construction
Prevention of furniture setting construction (desk, chair), spray board making made of cupboard setting construction, tree

Material import, hand assistance

When I cope by the construction except mention mentioned above, there is it.
Please refer.

The handling maker

Handling company
㈱ADVAN group
㈱ITOKI, inoakku house environment
㈱Commander's standard
㈱A & A Material, ABC Trading
㈱Kawashima Selkon Textiles
Joint chi tech, kiriiseisakusho
Komatsu wall, COMANY㈱
Shinkol, shinwa
Straight interest, Sekisui Jushi㈱ 
㈱suminoe 3M Japan㈱
senkushia, the foundation
DAIKEN, Takiron sea eye, Tajima roofing, TACHIKAWA㈱
Tokiwa industry, TOTO, TOSO, TOLI㈱
Naka Industries㈱
NICHIAS, day study, company nichibei, Japanese door check production, Japan filing㈱
㈱The best
Panasonic, Hokusan㈱
Miwa lock㈱
㈱Yoshino Gypsum㈱
㈱LIXIL, RYOBI, Lilycolor㈱

There may be the handling of the maker except mention mentioned above.
Please refer.

About an approach of SDGs

Our company practices three following policies and aims at the company which is kind to society, environment.
・Technical tradition, continuation of the relationship of mutual trust
・Local contribution
・Health care
Goal to aim at
Approach, activity contents
・I employ it continuously
・Health care of the employee
・It is employed 1-5 people newly within ten years
・Once a year medical examination
・Securing of separation of smoking areas area
・Prevention of spray board setting for the infection prevention
・It is contributed the book to a regional library
・I contribute a book to a regional library once a year
・Power consumption restraint
・Within ten years the complete LED in the office
・Electric lights out enforcement of the business area going out
TEL. +81-52-762-2331
Aichi store.
1-9-22, Haruoka, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
TEL. 052-762-2331
FAX. 052-762-2479
■Interior finish construction
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