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The staff interview

A undertakes construction and manages it and does business

Entering a company: The second year
Q.Please tell me the contents of the work 

I am doing an estimate, the spot management, business of the new construction, repair work.

The spot management,
Meeting with the various places such as the spot investigation, a customer, supervision, the design,
I am doing a skill person, materials arrangement, on-site security, quality, process control.

The business,
I do business to an existing customer, a new customer.

Q.What are a reason and the motive that chose this work? 

I did work of the wholesale of chemical raw materials in the previous job.
It was hard to understand the thing which oneself was engaged in as a form and wanted to do work to remain in the form, and a change of job worked.

After being looking in house neighborhood, is Aichi store by chance. I knew this.
After having an interview, the atmosphere of the company was good, and it decided decision metede, entering a company to have told everybody carefulness.

I still struggle every day while an experienced senior tells me in various ways.

Q.Are there a thing provided through work or the memorable episode, memory? 

When it is said that thank you for a customer when the article which oneself was engaged in delivers it, I feel sense of accomplishment.
It may be tough, but cannot measure the sense of accomplishment when it was over in various ways until construction is over as much as it was tough.
After all, I am glad that the thing which oneself was engaged in stays as a form.
Q.Please tell me how to spend holidays

I exercise by a gym and am traveling.
●To a person thinking about application a message!

At first, I do not readily often know it and think whether it is tough, but it is the one which is smelling of stouthearted seniors, and don't worry.
In addition, he/she hears the voice of the motivated person.

Work to remain in the form together by all means in us!

●Construction management
One-day flow
In the spot, it is made arrangements a morning gathering.
In an office, I reply with an email check. Documents making. Material arrangement.
The spot confirmation. A meeting. Business
Preparations on the next day.
Leaving the office
 The offer type of job, application foam is this
Look at information, the inquiry about the adoption from this
Aichi store.
1-9-22, Haruoka, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
TEL. 052-762-2331
FAX. 052-762-2479
■Interior finish construction
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