Finishing it, and construction being able to do it interior more
Is it not fixings that there are many opportunities to meet most eyes in a living?
I challenge a new thing simply because it is to be concerned with such a living closely without being seized with an existing limit.
Because all does the living of all of you in the life that is fuller of Aya.
We make infinite possibility of the interior finish construction with all of you.
Because it is the company which continues being loved!
When the valuable experience, technique, know-how that I got through the business results for many years with the major building company, the BIC project including the government office is our strength that can cope with various needs of the visitor, we take pride. I try to be able to favor it to all of you for all the employees technology improvement from now on.
The thing that there is not so far!
And being able to do it from now on! More.
The change of the times advances rapidly these days. The development of an aging society, globalization, the IT technique advances by rapid progress. The common sense that was natural until yesterday does not come to be natural on the next day. Our slogan, "interior construction being able to do it continue challenging the thing that is" newer without being seized with an existing frame with a visitor.
I save knowledge and make use of knowledge.
I hold a safe meeting to subcontractor regularly to hold knowledge sharing for the security in us. In addition, I support the qualification acquisition necessary for construction. I acquire right knowledge and support cooperation supplier to grow on the site. It is yakuritsu tesaseteidadaiteorimasu for a local action by the construction knowledge that I acquired.
Interior finish construction
As for the interior construction of the Tokai area (Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka), leave it to me. Based on the abundant construction results, I provide the room space that it merged in the image of the visitor from the fixings that a color, a form, materials are a great variety of.
Interior fitter example
Floor construction example
Interior fitter example
Interior fitter example

I change a layout of it and construct it
In an office, a hospital, a factory, a school, as for the change of the sudden layout with the enlargement of an increase of the staff, the department of the employee, leave it to me in us. I accept the long-term construction a holiday, the middle of the night. (there is a price change by the spot situation)
Floor construction example
Layout construction example
Layout construction example
Layout construction example
Suggestion of the total coordinate
It is total coordinate in the needs of the visitor in total!
Please feel free to consult me.
Wall paper
(1) Wall paper
(2) Floor
Window shade
(3) Window shade
(4) Partition
Office furniture
(5) Office furniture
Light weight, ceiling
(6) Light weight, ceiling
Employment information
Is required
Your thought.
Do you not get worthwhile work with us?
Recruitment of subcontractors
Power in nothing. The thought in infinity.
Power in nothing. The thought in infinity.
I cooperate by qualification support necessary for construction technology improvement totally.
In late years technical knowledge, the technique demanded from an on-site craftsman by progress of the building becomes higher year by year. I may not work on the site if I do not have a technical qualification. It burdens you to become the considerable cost even if it proves right if I take a qualification when I take the corporation. Therefore, in us, I support full-scale qualification in the various places of the subcontractor. We do not spare cooperation to have the subcontractor fully show power on the site.
The past results
●Registration interior finish certified technician
●The first grade certified technician official approval
●Director ●Safe person in charge
●Organic solvent work chief person
●Special education such as footing special assembling
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